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Start Date Day/Time Class Ages Licensed Educator Status  
Join Anytime Tues/10:00AM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alyssa Schreiber Enrolling More Info >>
Join Anytime Thur/6:30PM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alyssa Schreiber Enrolling More Info >>
Join Anytime Fri/11:00AM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alyssa Schreiber Enrolling More Info >>
Join Anytime Fri/10:00AM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alyssa Schreiber Enrolling More Info >>
Join Anytime Sat/10:00AM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alyssa Schreiber Enrolling More Info >>
08 Sep 2018 Sat/11:00AM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alyssa Schreiber Enrolling More Info >>
13 Sep 2018 Thur/2:00PM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alicia Seling Enrolling More Info >>
01 Nov 2018 Thur/2:00PM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Alicia Seling Enrolling More Info >>

Our Policy

Getting the Most out of your Kindermusik Class:
At Kindermusik, children will have the opportunity to play and bond with a parent or caregiver, as well as the other kids in the class. While you form friendships with other parents, your child will form friendships with same-aged peers, learning the social skills to prepare him or her for preschool. As a parent, you will actively participate in class with your child and learn how to incorporate activities into your home life to better understand and parent your growing child.
Kindermusik@Home provides an mp3 album with all the songs from class, an e-storybook and click-through activities to teach music through mobile app literacy. Using the @home materials will allow your child to continue the fun from class and reap the cognitive developmental benefits of music. The songs and poems will become part of your everyday at playtime, naptime, car time, and more!

Kindermusik has a class for every child and every family! Families with multiple children are encouraged to attend our Family Classes. But if this doesn’t work for your schedule, you may bring your infants (non-walking, in slings/backpacks/carriers) to class with your older child. Once children are mobile, they will need to be enrolled in the proper class. We are happy to offer sibling discounts!

Happy & Healthy Classroom:
We strive for the utmost cleanliness - our facility is clean and we sanitize our instruments/scarves after every class. For diaper changing, please use the changing table located in the bathroom at the back of the classroom. Whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed, please feel free to feed your child where and how you are comfortable.

Illnesses, Inclement Weather, & Make-up Classes:
If you or your child is feeling sick, please call or email to schedule a make-up class. We want everyone to stay healthy! Children should be fever free for 24 hours before coming back to class after being sick.
RMC does not follow the school calendar/closures. If you are not comfortable traveling during inclement weather, please keep your family safe and contact Miss Alyssa or Miss Alicia for a make-up class. If class needs to be canceled due to inclement weather or instructor illness, RMC will contact families with as much notice as possible. Please be sure to provide us with your current email address and/or text so that we can inform you of any cancellations in the timeliest fashion.

Referral Rewards:
We encourage trial classes so that everyone can enjoy and experience what Kindermusik has to offer. To that end, we encourage you to bring a friend with a same-aged child. Please speak with Miss Alyssa or Miss Alicia to set it up! To thank you for sharing your love of Kindermusik with your friends and family referral, if your friend decides to enroll her child, we'll present you with a "thank you" gift!

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
We want all of our families to have the best experience possible. Feel free to contact Miss Alyssa, Miss Alicia, or Megan anytime with your feedback. If you wish to discontinue your enrollment for any reason, we ask that you notify the front counter by the 20th of the month in order to stop future payments. Families are welcome back into our program at any time!

Thank you for entrusting your families’ musical growth to RMC & Kindermusik!! We look forward to serving you now and in the years to come.